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Emergency Doors Repair Ontario

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Emergency Doors Repair Ontario – Repairing Your Garage

Garage doors are not always difficult to repair. A homeowner with some basic Emergency Doors Repair Ontariohandyman knowledge and the right tools can often fix a garage lift that is not opening properly or at all. While there are some jobs that only garage lift companies can do, it is often worthwhile to see if the repair job in question can be done without calling in a professional.

It is also important to realize that the doors need continued maintenance. Many of the issues listed below can be avoided by checking the door regularly and catching small problems before they become serious. Professional garage door companies note that even a high quality door will not last long if it is not properly cared for and maintained.


Step 1

It is a good idea to check the mounting brackets for the garage door’s metal tracks. If the brackets are loose, then tighten the bolts or screws with a screwdriver. If part of the track is damaged, then pound out the part in question using a rubber mallet or hammer and block of wood. There is no need to call the companies to replace the tracks unless these have sustained a lot of damage.


Step 2

Make sure the tracks are properly aligned. If the tracks are horizontal, they should have a slight slant toward the back of the garage. The tracks for a roll up garage door should have no slant whatsoever. If the tracks are out of alignment, try to align them without completely removing them from the wall. This can be done by loosening the bolts holding the brackets in place and then refastening these onto the right part of the garage. Use a level to make sure the adjusted tracks are flush.


Step 3

Garage doors tracks need to be cleaned on a regular basis. This can be done with household cleaner and a clean rag. Be sure to wipe the tracks dry when the cleanup job is complete.


Step 4

It is not uncommon for a door’s hardware to get a bit loose from time to time. Swing garage doors may have problems with loose plates. Roll up doors may get loose hinges. Tightening the screws for these garage door parts will make the garage door work well again.


Step 5

Sagging doors can be repaired by either tightening the hinges and/or fixing enlarged screw holes. Cracks near the hinges can also cause the hinge to come loose; these can be repaired by filling the cracks with wood filler. In either case, one will need to buy a new hinge and then attach it to a part of the door that has not been damaged.


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