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Vaughan Lock Picking Tools

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Vaughan Lock Picking Tools

Lock Picking Tools – A List of Equipment Needed For Lock Picking

Lock picking is actually a professional trade that uses some high quality Vaughan Lock Picking Toolstools. Of course, there are the homemade versions of these such as the hair clip, credit card, and others; however, there are some serious sets of real lock picking tools available for locksmiths or for those who find themselves frequently helping others who have locked themselves out of their car or home. Although these lock picking tools are sometimes given dubious reputations with their use in criminal activity, they remain legal to have in possession and are essential to creating a livelihood for some.


Tension Tools

There are several different types of tension tools available. These pick locks by placing torsion on the interior of the lock to release it. Many of these tools are referred to as torsion tools or wrenches instead of tension tools because it is not tension that they are applying.


One type of tension tool is of a circular nature which is spring loaded with a pressure button to ensure the right amount of tension. Tension or torsion wrenches are the basic type which are shaped like an ‘L’ and are inserted into the lock. There are other forms such as the ‘feather touch’ wrench that coil before turning into an ‘L’ shape.


Pin/Tumbler and Wafer Picks

This is one category of lock picking tools that are used all over North America and the United Kingdom. They are used for pin/tumbler and wafer locks which are widely used in these countries. These can be bought in sets and have varying amounts of pieces included, ranging from nine to thirty-two.


The pieces that make up these sets aside from the tension wrench include: half-diamond picks used for pin locks; hook picks which pick traditional locks; rake picks which are used to slide against the pins repeatedly until they unlock; Slagel picks which are used mainly for electronic locks; and warded picks also known as skeleton keys used for locks that are opened by keys with common shapes.


Pick Guns

These are considered a real time saver to those who have a profession in picking locks. These come in both manual and electric forms but the latter is usually used for hard steel or aircraft aluminum. Many locksmiths have come to enjoy the manual type.


The pick guns use regular tension wrenches but the electric type vibrates while the manual form has a trigger to cause an upward motion in the tool. This movement causes the pins inside to jump and eventually open the pins completely. For these tools, timing is basically the only essential element that has to be learned because the pick gun will do the rest of the work.


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