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Kitchener Home Security Locks

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Kitchener Home Security Locks

Crime unfortunately isn’t going to be eliminated or done away with any time soon. Robberies and break-ins are on the rise. Experts have estimated that break-in occurs every 16 seconds or so. The statistics are quite alarming; however, your home security does not need to be compromised. You and your family can be prepared.


One of the major home security components of your house are locks.

Locks are what keep the criminals out; however, not all locks are created equal. This article discusses different aspects of locks and keys and what precautions you and your family should take in order to keep safe and sound.


All doors with outside access should be equipped with durable, sturdy locks.

This includes garage doors. Often, thieves will break in via a garage door as they can easily hide themselves from plain sight. Keep in mind that burglars prefer to break into homes through a door because it is a quick and easy point of entry. A good, high quality lock is your best deterrent. Would be thieves have admitted that if they find a house with deadbolt locks usually move on to another, more easily accessed target. There are basically two types of bolts used on exterior doors in residential construction, latch bolts and deadbolts. Some locks combined both in one.


Deadbolts are more reliable and are recommended by home security experts.

The throw of the deadbolt, i.e. the length that the deadbolt extends out of the Kitchener Home Security Locksdoor edge, should be no shorter than at least one inch. Longer throws make it more difficult for thieves to gain entry. Some deadbolts are equipped with internal anti-saw pins; these move back and forth freely within the bolt, making it extremely difficult to saw through. Captured key deadbolts or double cylinder deadbolt locks with keyholes on both sides of a door make it difficult for a thief to enter by breaking the glass in the door light or sidelight and reaching in to unlock the door. The only danger with this type of lock is that you may find yourself locked in during a fire, so you should use a captured key deadbolt lock. These types of locks use thumb-turns to allow for safer access.


Locks with hardened cased steel and beveled casings are more difficult to break or to pry. Some locks also come with an anti-drill feature; these featured hardened steel chips within the lock housing. When the drill bits hit these, the drill bit is automatically torn up, rendering it useless.


The best locks for your home security are those with an ANSI or American National Standards Institute classification. They compare the security and performance of door locks, ensuring that they can hold up in break in situations.

Besides installing the most durable locks, families need to exercise key control.

This simply means controlling who has copies of keys to your home. Some thieves don’t break-in to homes, they enter using a key obtained from an acquaintance that has a copy.


According to statistics, 32% or burglars enter through an unlocked door or window.

Even if you do have the world’s greatest lock installed, if you forget to lock it, it does no good. Remember, as part of your home security routine to always lock your doors and windows.


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