Emergency Commercial Door Repair Toronto

Emergency Commercial Door Repair Toronto

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Emergency Commercial Door Repair Toronto

If your office or facility needs to replace a door, you may want to do it Emergency Commercial Door Repair Torontoyourself. While it’s recommended you have a professional take control, smaller install jobs are doable. Here’s how a basic overview on how to install a steel commercial door.

There’s good reason why steel commercial doors and frames are so popular with businesses and facilities. Steel is as sturdy as they come, it’s fire resistant, and as an added benefit, their weight allows you to gear down a closer attached to the doors so you don’t have to slam them shut.


Of course, the benefit of steel is also its downfall, in terms of install.

Wood has a little bit of give to it, meaning you have more wiggle room to play with. But that’s not the case with hollow frame doors. That’s why exactness and precision are key to this process.

Before you even bring your door to the job site (if you’re a contractor), or install it, you need to paint it. After painting it, you’ll want to install a variety of components, including the kick plate, crash bar and lockset. If you’re a contractor, do this before you bring it to the site, so that it’s one less thing to worry about.

When you get to the job site, remove the old door and moldings carefully, so not to ruin the walls. Then you want to put the jamb in place (we hope you have great measurements). This includes more than just installing jambs. Each jamb (head, legs, etc.) needs to be fitted with fiberglass installation, and, preferably, some type of waterproofing membrane. Once the jamb is in place and secure, you need to install the hinge.


Once the hinge is on the jamb, it’s time to install the steel commercial door onto that hinge.

This actually requires you to remove the hinge from the jamb, and placing it on the door to locate the through-holes that have to be drilled for each sex bolt. Those sex bolts will be the reason your hinge remains secure on your door.

Note – if you plan on having a kick plate on the interior part of the door, don’t drill the last through bolt, or else you’ll drill right through that kick plate. You may want to use the self-tapping screws that the manufacturers provide you.

Once everything is all set, you can install the hinge back onto the jamb, then the door onto the hinge.


Now it’s time to set the strike plate.

Once the strike plate is set, you can make sure all of your work is tidy and neat, before you install the door closer and jamb weather stripping. Closers oftentimes have two adjustments, one for speed and the other for back-check. You’ll want to make some test-run adjustments until you’re happy with the door performance. The final step is installing the jamb weather stripping. After that, assuming you did it right, you’ll have a great, and long lasting, steel commercial door.


This is just an overview of what it takes to install steel commercial doors. We didn’t go into exact measurements, preferred tools and other specifics because that could take forever, and would likely confuse a vast majority of readers. The reality is, if you don’t have a background in construction work, you’re more likely to make miscalculations and errors along the way.

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