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Guelph Multi Locks

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Guelph Multi Locks

For more than 40 years Mul-T-Lock has been an acknowledged global leader in the manufacturing, developing and marketing of high security locking products as well as various types of access control solutions which was used for a whole Guelph Multi Locksrange of applications such as in residential areas, commercial, industrial and institutional applications. Just like many other reputable locking companies, Mul-T-Lock is the property of Assa Alboy, which is widely recognized as the global leader as far as locking solutions is concerned. They provide every solution as far as entrance automation, access controls and security doors is concerned.

This is a billion-dollar industry and more than 40,000 people is employed all across the planet. Even though the company has achieved so many successes already, their primary objective remains to be the preferred partner for every single locksmith on this planet and they want to achieve this objective by continuing to provide the highest standard of security locking systems available anywhere on the planet. This is why continual research is done and new technologies is employed.


Research strategies

This is exactly why they have a dedicated research and development team, which is in partnership with the technical support section and quality control departments with the objective of developing some of the most innovative security systems available anywhere on the planet. Several awards has already been won by this company and they are they have several automated factories where the latest and most sophisticated technologies is employed which include both customized machinery and the latest technology in robotics.

It is actually the unique designs, the ability to adapt and the design of quality products, which has allowed this company to establish themselves as one of the most reputable security-based manufacturers on the planet. Every single product, which comes out that their factories, complies with acceptable international standards. Because of excellent research they are now the holders of many international patent’s which provide protection for a wide range of innovative products all of which is aimed at the safety and security needs of consumers globally.


Global marketing

Over the years, many quality products have emerged all of them proven in the industry and they are successful in providing high security solutions, which can Guelph Multi Locksnow be presented to users of all across the planet through an intricate distribution network, which is operating effectively in 70 countries. This manufacturing network is serving more than 100 million users and there is an estimated 20,000 service centers available globally.

All of this is possible because of the commitment of Mul-T-Lock to provide only the highest standard of service and they never cease with their efforts to find new ways to improve an already perfect system. This is why a lot of attention is paid to the specific needs of the consumer and the target markets, which depend upon Mul-T-Lock for quality security systems. There can be no doubt that this security provider has made a huge difference to the safety of millions of families globally.


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