Kitchener Home Standard Locks

Kitchener Home Standard Locks

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Kitchener Home Standard Locks

Kitchener Home Standard Locks

Even with all the advances in homeKitchener Home Standard Locks security systems available on the market, the backbone of protecting your home and family is still the locks installed on the doors of your home. The type of door, placement of the locks, and the type and quality of the locks are all important factors in protecting your home and family from the inevitable dangers that exist in this world.


The sturdier the door, the better off you’ll be.

Keep in mind, a good lock won’t help if kicking the door will tear the door and lock from the frame. Lock placement is essential to your home’s security. Ideally, you should have both a door handle lock, as well as a deadbolt lock for all external entry doors. The deadbolt lock should be placed higher on the door rather than more centrally. Higher placement of the deadbolt helps prevent intruders from easily kicking in a door to break the lock from the frame.


Door handle locks and locking plates should be higher quality.

Even though inexpensive door handles are readily available in any hardware store, with pre-installed locks and keys provided, make the investment in better, higher quality door handle locks. Inexpensive locks don’t require as complex of keys because the locking mechanism is not as complex. For this reason, some inexpensive locks can be picked quite easily.


Not only do you have to content with criminals who are willing to kick in the door or pick the lock, in recent years, we’ve all learned about “lock bumping” as well. Lock bumping “keys” are out there and in the hands of people willing to use them to gain entry to your home. Lock bumping can allow a burglar to enter your home in less than a minute in many cases. Lock bumping proof door handle locks and pad locks can be purchased.

Determine if your doors are securely and solidly set in their frames.

Replace your external doors if necessary. Investigate your options for purchasing good quality locks, including the security rating of the locks you’re considering for purchase. Learn the proper way in which they should be installed. Even after doing your homework and installing the proper locking mechanism on your external doors, you should still consider adding additional levels of security to your home. For now, just having good exterior doors and the right locks will let you sleep better at night, knowing you’ve done what you can to keep your home safe.


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