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Toronto Exterior Front Doors

What Your Front Door Says About You

In feng shui, what your front door Toronto Exterior Front Doorssays about you is a great deal. You will often hear if something is auspicious (meaning favorable) or inauspicious. There are four main schools of feng shui, and all of them aim to achieve one thing; auspicious chi. If you’re reading this then you probably know that we are surrounded by chi energy and we want it to flow and meander through our homes to empower our lives. Unfortunately, an old front door in desperate need of repair and in poor condition isn’t going to help with this matter.


Your front door says a lot about who you are to the rest of the world.

It is the door at which you greet your guests, your milkman, your postman and your neighbours.

Of course, when you invite guests into your home, you want to greet them with the best energy as well as attract good energy from them. If it is the first time for your guests to visit your home, perhaps they don’t know you as well as some of your other friends just yet. First impressions are everything and they will be observing the place that you live from the second they arrive at the front gate leading to your front door. The front door has a huge impact on how your guests feel when they enter your home. If they approach your home and enter with negative feelings of disappointment or disgust or any other negative vibes, they will bring those vibes into your home with them.


I follow the practices of Flying Stars feng shui and Compass feng shui.

Certain directions contain different types of energy and are associated with different colors.

Depending on the direction your door faces, different colors will resonate differently.
  • For a NE facing door, the best color is white.
  • For East, use bright green and cream.
  • For a SE facing door, use blue, cream and dark green.
  • For a South facing door, use bright green, dark green, blue and purple.
  • For doors facing NW, West and SW, use red, greige and black. For North facing doors, the best color to use is red.


What your front door says about you

The path leading to your front door should be clear, attractive and meandering to slow the chi. Use lamps along the path to illuminate it well in the dark. It should not be too narrow. Avoid clutter around the door completely. Shoes in the entrance should be packed away and out of sight, not blocking the entrance.

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