Emergency Newmarket Locksmiths

Emergency Newmarket Locksmiths

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Emergency Newmarket Locksmiths – Newmarket Lock Boxes

Securing important belongings such as jewelries, money and important Emergency Newmarket Locksmithsdocuments is among the major concerns of many people. It inevitably brought about the demand for padlocks, safety deposit boxes and other such storages.

One of the most popular choices and trusted for security are the lock boxes. There are different types available that feature combination locks or keys. Some models may come with both security features. Modern lock boxes are combined with electronic keypads and are water and fireproof.

Homeowners prefer lock boxes to protect important documents such as land titles, registration papers, passports, insurance certificates, marriage certificate, social security cards and valuable items. Lock boxes comes in different sizes and are commercially available.


These storages can be used to safe keep money and other important documents in business establishments.

You will these in food stalls, concession stands, stores and other business purposes if there is no cash register available. It can also be used as donation boxes with a little opening on the top portion. It makes sure the donations are secured from thieves.

These boxes can also safely store guns and ammunitions, to be kept safely away from children and other unwanted people. You will also see such boxes in prisons. It is where the personal belongings of law violators are kept when they are apprehended.

We also lock in house electrical switches such us fire alarms, circuit breakers, control switches and many other purposes. Indeed, it is a popular choice in securing valuable items for many years. Manufacturers are continuing in their effort to add security features for these lock boxes.


There are instances that we forget or lose the keys of our security locks.

Or sometimes, we forget our own security combinations and codes. In this event, we need to bypass the security features of these locks. Bypassing or unlocking a lock without the original key is a job of a locksmith which is commonly called lock picking.


Lock picking is considered for some people an art.

Such services can be rendered by using a special technique that does not damage the lock. Once unlocked, it can be used again by recreating the key.

Some people who have the skills of lock picking consider it as a hobby or as a form of recreation. However, it is often abused and used to do criminal acts.

This process requires specific tool kits used in unlocking different types of locks. There are different gadgets used depending on the type of lock. Sometimes it is necessary to customize these tools.

These tools can be purchased in selected stores or through online merchants. Some consist of only the basic tools while some may include a complete set including a pick gun.


One of the most often used is the torsion wrench.

This is an L-shaped thin metal used in applying torsion of the inner drum of a lock so as to accommodate the entry of a picked pin. Other pieces of pins can also be inserted to shift the locking device.


Another one is the hook pick.

This is used to raise the pins in order to release it from its locking position enabling the lock to be opened.


The pick gun is probably the most popular.

This can be either manual or electronic-operated. This is used to produce a vibration removing the tension from the pins. Pick guns can be made from hard metal or aluminum.


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