Kitchener High Security Lock

Kitchener High Security Lock

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Kitchener High Security Lock

It’s one thing to know that a front door isn’t doing it’s job unless it’s fitted with a secure lock. It’s a whole other to know what makes a secure. With so many locks on the market today, not all of them offer genuine high-security. Yet everyone thinks their locks are secure. How do you know what to look for? Find out in five minutes.


Long gone are the days when a hairpin or a bent coat-hanger could pick any Kitchener High Security Locklock. Incredibly, mortice locks – the ones requiring a large chunky key – are still around. For the most part modern locks have become more complicated to pick. Torpedo shaped tumbler pins are one way that modern locks thwart picking. Although by no means do all modern locks enjoy this security benefit. Nevertheless burglars have developed numerous other methods of overcoming a lock and it is these dangers as much as anything else that the best locks are now designed to defeat.


Advances in lock technology seem to be met with new ways of breaking front door locks.

Bumping, drilling, or snapping of locking cylinders are now highly prevalent methods of forcing entry through a front door. They each require tools, and as such true high security locks have reach an impressive level of sophistication.

The best new high-security front door locks from leading companies feature mechanisms designed to thwart drilling and bumping. Firstly, hardened steel rods in the locking cylinder body and core itself increase resistance to drilling. Furthermore, hardened steel tumbler pins increase resistance to tampering and core extraction.


New high-security locking mechanisms have been developed in addition to those inside the core locking cylinder. Machined metal deadbolts increase impact resistance but the really impressive modern locks feature hooks. When a door is locked, from two to four machined metal hooks are thrown into metal keeps in the door frame. These provide greatly increased structural resistance to brute force. In addition, they are not affected by successful tampering of the main locking cylinder. That’s right folks. If your main lock is somehow overcome, hook locks provide a further line of defence in your front door.


Yet another high-security feature in modern front doors is the use of a dual-spindle in the locking mechanism. In reality more of an innovation than a technology, a dual spindle will allow the internal door handle to lock and unlock the door independently of a key, while from the outside a key is needed to open the door. For example, if you wanted to lock your door from the inside, but couldn’t find your key, the internal door handle alone can be used to lock the door. From the outside the door is locked, and a key is then required to open it. It might seem like a small addition, but add this feature to a high security composite door and you’ve got a well-rounded door fit to be called high-security.


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