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Waterloo Key Replacement

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Waterloo Key Replacement

We are constantly reminded by our Waterloo Key Replacement elder to have a spare key for your car, house, office, etc, but mostly we overlook this advise until we find ourselves stuck in such situation, where we have no idea what to do with a locked car and keep cursing our memory. “I lost my keys” is used by many people frequently, that is why there are many alternative solutions to this problem. Waterloo Locksmith are our savior in such a situation.



So if you have lost the keys and had no spare key, then you need to deal with either employee dealership or a locksmith. Depending upon the condition of your car, you can make the decisions. If your car is old-fashioned it is better to visit the locksmith as they have the proper experience and will easily make you the replacement of key. But if your car is new, and due to technological advancement, the locksmith may not be able to help, in such case go to the dealership showroom.



Gone are the days when you just need to give your VIN Number to the dealer and get the new set of keys in very less amount. But due to technological advancements and security reason, now the keys of modern cars are integrated with a computer chip, and the vehicles are programmed to accept the inputs from the integrated chip-keys. This is very helpful for the security of the vehicle, as the thieves need to re-program the vehicle which takes around 30 minutes or more, and definitely, thieves cannot afford such a long duration to steal the car. So if you lost the chipped-keys, you should definitely go to the dealership shop that will re-program it and gives you the new set of chipped-keys. It may cost you 100$ or more unlike the cost of new keys from locksmith which may cost you 10$ or more.



You are lucky if you haven’t found yourself in such a situation or if you had then it is necessary to take the precautions to avoid the same mistake in the future course of actions. Get yourself a smart key tracker. It is a chain type device that you can attach to keys so that whenever you lose your keys, a notification will pop-up on your cell phone informing about the place you left in the map. You can easily track it and keep the record. Another precaution you can take is to add the replacement cost of keys under your car insurance policy and free yourself from the stress of expenses to be incurred in such situations. It may sound mundane, but you should keep a copy of the key at your family or friends house, as the amount of getting a spare key is way too less than the replacement amount.


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