Richmond Hill Front Door Materials

Richmond Hill Front Door Materials

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Richmond Hill Front Door Materials

Common Materials for Front Doors

Entry doors should be tough enough to withstand the vagaries of weather yet appealing and welcoming to you and your visitors. They should give protection to your home from burglars while giving you and your family quick access and exit.

Old wood and veneer doors warp crack and de-laminate with age due to exposure to the elements. Old metal doors are also prone to peeling and creaking after many years of faithful service.


Aging can create accessibility problems with your front door making it a hassle not only for you, but for others especially those with mobility problems.

It is important to have an entry door which is accessible all your visitors able and disabled. The threshold and the front door must be made in such a way that no one will find it too cumbersome to gain entry despite of their physical conditions.

There are dozens of door designs and broad collections can be found at lumber yards home centres and door dealers. You can specify the types of panels and glass designs you want. You will however have to wait for a couple of weeks for such special requests.


Choosing the material for your door is an important decision.

Most doors are a combination of materials although the surface is what mostly affects appearance, durability, security and price.

The following materials are available for your front door:
  • Wood- Wooden doors are the most common types of doors. They are beautiful Richmond Hill Front Door Materialsand versatile. Naturally finished stock and custom wood doors come in oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany, maple, fir, and pine. You can also find wooden doors in several softwood varieties such as pine and western hemlock.
  • Steel Doors-They are the best choice if security and durability is your major concern. Steel doors are stronger than wood and composite doors. They will not warp or crack and are easy to repair in case they get dented or dinged.
  • Composite or Fibreglass Doors- Composite doors are made to resemble wood in terms of texture and appearance. They are stained to mimic walnut, cherry, oak, pine and other wood varieties. Such doors are tough and durable making them appropriate for harsh and humid climates. Composite doors have wooden stiles and rails beneath their moulded surfaces and are filled with polyurethane foam insulation to give them extra weight.


  • Aluminium Doors- They are almost similar to steel units in their use of an insulation core that is covered by a metal skin. Unlike other doors, aluminium doors are often custom made and have to be pre- ordered exclusively from dealers. They have a baked on enamel finish and do not rust so they will not need painting.


Choosing the Best Material for Your Front Doors

The material of your door will determine its quality and lifespan. You should go for durable materials that are able to withstand seasonal changes and will not distort even under extreme weather conditions.


Most Home Experts will recommend composite doors that are made from several synthetic materials. UPVC and wooden doors are naturally unstable and will expand and contract with changes in temperature. These changes weaken the material and considerably reduce the lifespan and quality of the door. This increases the chances of sticking and creates gaps which let in draughts when it becomes windy outside.


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